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Farm Protection

Farms often become the target of criminals and organised syndicates. This could involve violent armed attacks and also the theft of property, harvest and livestock.

The distance between homesteads results in farmers being isolated and vulnerable. Because of this it is crucial to have an early warning system in order to call for help before it's too late.

In some countries, farm attacks are becoming a bigger and more dangerous threat; attackers are more organised, committed and heavily armed...  If farmers are facing these kind of military precision attacks, they need technology developed to address a very specific set of challenges and surveillance equipment must be designed to endure exposure to harsh environments in remote locations.


What are the main challenges of Farm Surveillance ?


  • Wide-area perimeter surveillance of rural farming and mountainous regions

  • Automatic detection & tracking of all targets simultaneously, even when groups of intruders split up

  • Ability to autonomously run 24/7 365 days without the need for a permanent operator

  • Farm surveillance systems must be able to bear harsh environments in remote locations

  • Actionable, real-time intelligence allowing immediate action by reaction personnel

Solution: Our 360° IRST sensors


Our 360° Infrared Search&Track systems have proven their effectiveness for border security applications similar to farms. Our sensors use a 24/7 rotating head to produce 360° images and detect & track all intrusions in real time: Our cameras operate like “radars with eyes.", solving the deficiencies of light-based camera monitoring. On top of that, our mid or long wave infrared sensors allow to detect a human at up to 8km in total darkness and adverse weather (extreme heat, snow, cloud dusts, etc.). 

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