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Luxury Estate Protection

Residing in a security complex is meant to offer more safety and the idea of living in an enclosed area which is cordoned off by walls and fencing, with guards to monitor entrants into the complex is often an appealing concept. However, it’s not a 100% guarantee for safety as some security complexes have been reported to be a target for organised crime syndicates.

The Main Challenges Of Luxury Estate Protection:


  • A wide-area perimeter surveillance

  • Survey and automatic detection of all threats

  • Important traffic around the monitored zone during the day (residents, staff, visitors, animals)

  • Sometimes, an undetectable (passive) system is needed

  • Operator fatigue 

  • Integrate the IR system within the current security system


With 360° protection and outdoor perimeter intrusion detection, our IRST camera systems have proven themselves with exceptional day and night security for many governmental sites in the world

Our IRST sensors can be mounted on a mast or installed at the top of a building in order to provide full 360° security ensures that no event or disturbance goes unnoticed. Our sensors use a 24/7 rotating head to produce 360° images and detect & track all intrusions in real time. On top of that, our mid or long wave infrared sensors allow to detect a human at up to 8km in total darkness and adverse weather (extreme heat, snow, cloud dusts, etc.). 

Alarm functions & zones are highly flexible and can be set up to differentiate between intruders and residents. These targets will then set of an alarm be tracked continuously wherever they move in order to coordinate operations. This results in complete situational awareness with a very low false alarm rate.

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