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Mine Protection

Mining Operations are under constant threat of theft and vandalism. In order to protect these large sites, sophisticated surveillance equipment is required.

Our sensors are ideally suited for the protection of wide areas with harsh conditions, providing unparalleled situational awareness.

What are the main challenges of Mine Surveillance ?


  • Wide-area perimeter surveillance of rural and mountainous regions.

  • A wide range of different threats to automatically detect, including UAVs, crawlers etc. 

  • Mine surveillance systems must be able to bear harsh environments in remote locations

  • Actionable, real-time intelligence allowing immediate action by security peronnel

Your Mine Surveillance system: 360° Thermal sensor


Our 360° infrared security systems have proven their effectiveness for many border security applications. Our IR sensors use a 24/7 rotating head to produce 360° images and detect & track intrusions in real time: Our cameras operate like “radars with eyes.", solving the deficiencies of light-based camera monitoring. On top of that, our mid or long wave infrared sensors allow to detect a human at up to 8km in total darkness and adverse weather (extreme heat, snow, cloud dusts, etc.). 

Did you know ? ... Two or three of our IRST cameras are enough to cover a whole perimeter where dozens of PTZ infrared cameras would traditionally be needed!

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