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Prison Surveillance

Conventional security systems that have been the hallmark of prison security in the past years have not been able to adequately tackle the new security challenges while our 360° thermal sensors have proven their efficiency.

In the 21st century, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of escapes and illegal contraband being brought in from the outside (drugs, cigarettes, cell phones...). Inmates use the contraband to continue their criminal enterprises while still in prison. This presents dangerous situations for other inmates, guards, and our society. Surveillance solutions traditionally used for purposes of wide area surveillance surrounding correctional facilities generally require installing dozens of fixed cameras to a network to attempt to cover the complete 360-degree perimeter of the prison yard. This solution results in an over inflated cost of system acquisition, training, and maintenance.


What are the challenges specific to prison surveillance? 

  • Wide area surveillance of an entire prison facility and its surroundings can be very expensive

  • Automatically detect and track in real time air, land or maritime targets 

  • Surveillance systems must be able to withstand harsh weather conditions

  • Complete zone protection, detect intruders/objects before they reach critical areas

  • Stay vigilant 24/7, even in total darkness

  • Our sensors can be integrated to existing security systems

  • Bookmarked times, dates and location of events

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Reduce operator fatigue, less mobile patrols on foot required

  • Identify and deter illegal contraband from being hurled over the perimeter fencing

  • Adapt to site specific operational conditions and vary security level requirements with a focus on areas of interest: monitoring critical areas with continuous protection but exclude normal traffic during parts of the day (visitors for instance.) 


The 360° Thermal System Solution:

Our IRST panoramic infrared security systems are ideal solutions for prison surveillance needs. The sensors use a 24/7 rotating head to produce 360-degree images and detect and track intrusions in real time: Our cameras can be compared to "radars with eyes". These continuous surveillance systems immediately solve the deficiencies of light-based cameras. Our mid or long wave infrared sensors allow detection of a human at several km distance in total darkness and adverse weather including extreme heat, snow, cloud dust, etc.


Did you know ?

Two or three IRST cameras are enough to cover a whole perimeter where dozens of PTZ infrared cameras would be needed.

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