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UAV Detection & Tracking

Over the past fifteen years, the popularity and accessibility of UAVs for commercial or recreational use have seriously surged. With Spynel's infrared thermal imaging technology, it is impossible for a UAV to be stealthy...

By 2020, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) expects the number of UAVs flying in the US to be as many as 30,000. This figure is disturbing given the recent number of incidents involving UAVs flying over or landing on critical infrastructures all over the world - the White House, the Prime Minister of Japan's office, the Golden Gate Bridge, nuclear sites in France, prison facilities, etc. Acoustic sensors or radars fail in detecting the low speed and low electromagnetic signature of small UAVs, making more modern technologies such as infrared technology the best option to prevent these new threats from harming people or destroying critical infrastructures.

Detecting drones: a real challenge


  • UAVs' small size and low electromagnetic signature go unregistered by traditional detection measures (radars)

  • Obtaining a UAV is now possible for anybody, at a low cost

  • Paraplanes, (used to smuggle drugs over the US Southern border) are hard to spot and can carry hundreds of pounds of payload

  • Traditional detection measures are more susceptible to weather conditions

The Infrared Solution to detect & track UAVs: 


With our thermal imaging technology, it is impossible for a drone to go unnoticed: any object, hot or cold will be detected by the 360° thermal sensor, day and night. Working in tandem with the intrusion detection software, it tracks an unlimited number of targets (either airborne, terrestrial or maritime threats) to ensure that no event is missed over a long-range, wide area surrounding. Basic classification of targets (ground or airborne) is based on elevation calibration and all air targets are represented by a small plane icon. Thermal imaging allows for day and night surveillance, but also guarantees the ability to view any object, even deemed as stealth, whether it is hot or cold. 

A Visible Channel and a Laser Range Finder for a better detection and tracking of UAVs:


The Visible Channel is a full HD camera with a continuous optical zoom (x30), allowing to zoom in on a threat. The UAV is detected and tracked by the IRST sensor, thanks to its panoramic detection system operated by our software. With this brand new continuous optical zoom, the user can keep an eye on the threat during the identification phase. The Visible Channel enables to identify all types of objects located within the IRST sensor's detection range, even the smallest drones!

The eyesafe Laser Range Finder provides the user with the exact distance of all detected threats on land, at sea or in the air, regardless of their size. The perfect tool to track micro-drones!

The V-LRF option was awarded Best Anti-drone system at the Milipol Show 2017!


Main Benefits :


The IRST sensor's ultra-wide 360-degree panoramic field of view (FOV) and continuous IR monitoring capabilities ensure that nothing escapes notice, day or night. The IRST cameras capture infrared imagery in all directions simultaneously thanks to its 360-degree horizontal FOV-unlike traditional cameras with limited horizontal FOVs - eliminating the "looking through a soda straw effect". 

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